Our Top 10 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

By Corinne Purcell

Our Top 10 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

"Are you still watching?" the notification we get from Netflix when the Binge watching is going down.  Binge watching culture is in full swing right now as we have all been home and have a little extra time on our hands. Do not worry, we have got you covered on the best shows to binge watch. We have compiled all types of shows for everyone's liking! From drama, too romance, to thriller, too flat out cheesy. We have included it in this list for you! Let's jump right in! 

1. How to Get Away With Murder 

This show is truly the best crime/murder show out there not being bias! This show provides you with the perfect mix of drama, thrill, crime, and romance. If you love murder shows or anything to do with crime, you will LOVE this! There are six seasons and I promise you will be clicking "Next Episode" every time!

2. Gossip Girl 

This is the OG show to binge on Netflix. Every single person on this planet should watch this show. Male or female, the drama is unmatched! Gossip Girl offers the best mix of everything you could need in a show. I remember watching this as a young teenager dreaming of being Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Their style, their lives, and OH wow, Chuck Bass. If you have not watched this show you need to ASAP!

3. All American 

I am definitely not the biggest fan of sports shows on Netflix, but this one... I am OBSESSED with! All American is about a few teenagers living in Beverly Hills and a boy from a rural area outside of Beverly Hills. When he moves to the Hills to play football he becomes the star of Beverly Hills High School. This show truly has the emotion, the drama, and the high school romance you need in your life. I promise, you will fall in love with all the characters and become so attached. This is a MUST watch! 

4. Emily In Paris 

I personally love this show. Yes, the acting could be a little better and not as cheesy, but I still adore this show. This show truly makes me feel inspired and happy inside after watching it. I do appreciate how uplifting and light hearted this show is. It leaves you feel refreshed and wanting to travel. This show you will finish in a day I promise you!

5. Ozark 

I will preface before you watch this show, it is a very dark show. It is a little gruesome at times, but it is an addicting show. The thrill of this show draws you in and you will not want to stop watching it. This show was actually filmed around where I live so that is super cool too! You will be definitely clicking the next episode button on this show because the suspense sucks you in. This show is for sure binge worthy on my list!

6. The Office 

If you do not like The Office then what are you doing? This show is the perfect background show to put on while you are cleaning, working, or even just lounging. This show always puts me in the best mood. The humor is unmatched to any show in my opinion. This show will always be my favorite to watch when I am down and need a pick me up. If you have not watched this series you absolutely NEED to! 

7. Jane The Virgin

I like to compare this show to a cheesy soap opera, but I am here for it! This story follows a girl who gets pregnant and has a kid even though she is a virgin. This drama packed show has humor, lots of romance, and some thrilling moments that will leave you wanting more. This is a fun and light hearted show that anyone can watch. Highly recommend this binge worthy show! 

8. 13 Reasons Why 

I will warn you, if you have not watched this show it can be triggering. It can be very hard to watch and get through if you do suffer with anything that this show does talk about. I love this show though because it talks about the hard things. It brings awareness to issues that are not commonly talked about. I believe this show opened my eyes to a lot of issues that do happen in high school and the real world. It is a must watch in my opinion. 

9. Dirty John 

This is a hidden gem of a show on Netflix. This show is actually based on a true crime story which makes it even better! It is super thrilling and suspenseful and makes for a perfect rainy day, binge worthy, lazy day. I promise when you start this show you will not want to stop. Trust me, watch it and come back to me and tell me what you think. You will not be let down.

10.  Outer Banks 

Last but certainly not least, Outer Banks. This show is everything in my opinion. Once you start episode one you will wonder where the time went. This is truly a binge worthy show in every aspect. The mix of cheesy romance, extreme drama, and cliffhangers makes for a match made in Heaven. We are all patiently awaiting for Season 3 to come out. Give the people what they want!! 
Well, that's a wrap on my top 10 binge worthy shows on Netflix. Obviously, there is so many more I could include because I am a Netflix junkie, but this is just my top few favorites. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you get to watch all of these!! Happy Netflixing! 

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